These past few months have meshed together to form the longest month of March in history, it seems! Whether you are battling financial stress, a mental illness, working from home, or doing online school during this time… We’re all in different situations battling different demons but it has been difficult for everyone. While there is undoubtedly some good to find in every situation, seeing an increase of cases across Canada, various parts of Quebec becoming red zones, and being limited to our bubbles yet again in Ontario has definitely been strenuous – many wondering how we will keep going in the months, and maybe years to come. 

And here are a couple of ways that you can prepare yourself for a second-wave quarantine:

  1. If you’re due to see your doctor/dentist/specialist, try booking an appointment now in case clinics and hospitals only start limiting appointments and/or walk-ins to emergencies.
  2. Don’t start overstocking to the point where there’s nothing left on the shelves but if you usually go restock every couple of days or every week – maybe try to switch that to two weeks to reduce your exposure to people outside of your bubble.
  3. Whether you have a therapist/counselor etc or not, consider consulting one. There are many free services available to you especially if you’re a student! Check out if you’re in Ontario! At the very least, verbalizing what you’re feeling to someone else can be helpful.
  4. Schedule in time to contact your friends, family, loved ones outside of your bubble virtually. It can make all the difference to feel well surrounded and supported, even if from afar.                                    
  5. Enjoy the outdoors (socially distanced!) while that’s possible.
  6. If it’s not already done maybe try assigning different things you do in different rooms. For example, your bedroom could be for decompressing and sleeping, your kitchen counter could be for homework and online school, your kitchen table for meals, your living room to socialize with your roommates and watch television, etc. It can be stressful when every part of our lives seems confined to one space so maybe compartmentalizing can help! 
  7. Hone one of your existing skills, and track your progress daily! It might help you feel motivated every day when waking up.                
  8. Similarly, if you have not already developed one (or many) consider starting a new hobby that can feasibly be practiced and enjoyed in your living space!
  9. Stay up-to-date with the latest health and safety news but don’t watch it all day! That can only lead to unproductive worry.
  10. If you don’t already reserve 30 minutes-1 hour of self-care daily, consider adding that to your schedule! Even if you’re drowning in work, taking breaks has proven to help enhance focus and work performance. 

I know it’s easier said than done but keep your head above water! Stay safe, stay well.

Even if there is a second-wave quarantine, I know we can get through this if we look out for one another (ourselves included!)

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