For the past 10 years, viewers have been Keeping Up with the Kardashian/Jenner blended family and their lavish ways of spending [Christmas]. Their activities — and those notorious family Christmas cards — are so captivating and glamorous that you’ve probably dreamed of taking part in such traditions. Since we all cannot be part of their megastar-filled parties or holiday photos, here are some ways that you can have your very own Kardashian style Khristmas.

Khristmas Kards

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The Kardashian/Jenner Christmas card has become one of the most anticipated annual releases. Since the late ‘80s, each year their themed cards get glossier and recently new members – old boos or additional babies – have been added into the frame. Booking studio time with David LaChapelle might be hard around this time of year (I hear he’s a little busy), so gather your closets, friends or family and spread the joy with a Karadashian/Jenner inspired Christmas card.

Glam Gowns

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Having a show-stopping ensemble is important when you are trying to replicate the Kardashian/Jenner clan’s lavish Christmas cheer. Although this family is known to be dressed in luxurious designer clothes you can still reach these levels without breaking your bank – remember, you make the outfit, the outfit does not make you. When you are shopping for your Christmas glam gown just think, WWKJD (what would Kardashians and Jenners do?) and the answer is, and always will be, do not hold back. This holiday comes only once a year, so make the most of it. Besides, nobody will question your footwear even if there is a violent blizzard raging outside. It’s Christmas, and this is fashion!

Extravagant Decorations

By this time, you have most likey put up your Christmas tree and decorated it, and you still have the chance to make it grand. Kylie Jenner’s 20-foot tree might be a little overboard for some – especially if you do not have space for something of that magnitude – but like the everything else that is done in this family, her flashy décor will spark your Kardashian Khristmas spirit.

Dance Party

Hosting a decadent Christmas party with well-known celebrities in attendance is most likely in your itinerary this holiday (how hard could that be to pull off?) Or, you could opt for a celebration that is just as monumental and fabulous with your family and closest friends – after all, that is basically what the Kardashian’s and Jenner’s do right? For some, Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones so complete your holiday with a Kardashian-style dance party.

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