If you have a drug, alcohol, or other addiction problem, you know how difficult it can be to take control of your life and get everything back in order. Even if you want to quit and start again, you find yourself falling back toward the same abuse. Sometimes, even trained professionals and families are not strong enough to get you to break those bad habits. This is when you can turn towards a rehab facility to help. Rehab facilities do change your life as you will have to check into them and stay during the period, however they have been known to not only help people recover from addictions, but quit them entirely.

This is not to say the solution to your addiction is a rehab facility but instead it is one of the many tools that you can use to fix your problem. Just like with any tool you use, you have to ensure that it is the right one for the job. Therefore, you and your family have to take a look at the rehab centre and see if it is one in which you can truly get better. If it doesn’t have the support that you need, you will quickly find yourself falling back to where you started. Here is how you can go about choosing the right rehab facility.

Decide on the Program

The first thing you are going to want to look at is the type of programs the rehab facility offers. There are plenty of different methods of rehabbing from things like drugs and where you are in the addiction will help decide where you should be going. Here is a breakdown of some of the major programs you can expect to see at rehab facilities and who they pertain to.

The Long-Term Program

These long-term rehab programs generally last anywhere between 6-18 months and they are for people who have an extreme addiction to drugs. If you are admitting someone to this facility, it is important to note that they are required to stay within the premises at all times during this time period. For that reason, if you are looking at a long term facility, you are going to want something that offers luxury and comfortable living. Look for a Luxury Drug Rehabilitation Centre if you want to get them the treatment that they need while still giving them a happy lifestyle. If you take everything away from them, you might fix one addiction, but can cause severe emotional damage elsewhere.

With a long-term care program, a patient will have access to 24/7 care. If there is ever a relapse or a withdrawal, there is going to be a trained professional there who will respond accordingly. The nurses and doctors within these facilities also serve as their own mini family support system. These facilities are built on supporting the individual and working together to conquer a major addiction. Once the rehab program has been completed, they are still kept on the premises for a little longer to be monitored. When they have been deemed all clear, they are allowed to leave and return back to society.

The Short-Term Program

These short-term programs generally last between 4-8 months and are based upon the level of drug use the user has done. Similar to the long-term program, most times they are required to stay within the premises of the facility to ensure that they can be monitored. There is strict scheduling with these types of programming as it works to remove free time. One of the biggest problems drug addicts face is having free time where their mind can wander. When this happens, they often will relapse or have a withdrawal. By keeping a strict schedule, employees at the facility can work to ensure that they are always preoccupied with something.

Along with monitoring, they are also given therapy sessions by people onsite and their issues and problems are talked about. One of the best things about a short-term program is that when it is wrapping up, a self-help group is created. They form their own group with other people in the rehab program along with some of the nurses and doctors who work there. The point of this group is to provide some sense of accountability between each other. You can check in with each other and ensure that all of you are working towards a common goal. If at any point you have an issue, these people will still offer you the support and guidance needed to get better.

The Estimation Program

This is the shortest type of program and it is called the estimation program as it estimates how long you will need to be in rehab. These types of facilities are generally reserved for those who have just started drugs but are showing signs of addiction. Because they are still early on in their addiction, not as much work is needed to get their life on track. These programs typically only last between 15-30 days, however they can go on longer if help is needed.

When it comes to rehab, these are the three main programs that you are going to be looking at. If you are the person who needs rehab, find out what program you need and then look for facilities that offer it in your area. Be honest with yourself and be willing and ready to make this important change in your life. It can be difficult to admit to an addiction and it can be even harder to get the help that you need.

If you are looking out for someone, it can be difficult making the decision for them to put them into rehab. Most facilities will not take someone unless they volunteer to go themselves, therefore you have a difficult road ahead of you when it comes to talking and communicating with them. It can be difficult to talk to an addict, especially if they have been damaging both your family and the community. Stay strong throughout this time and be there for each other and hopefully you all can get through it together.