Cleaning, a chore that no one really likes to do. Everyone likes a clean home but no one really enjoys the time and effort it takes to achieve it. That’s the reason it’s called a chore, it takes away from the time you’d rather be doing something else. This guide will help you to overcome and help make cleaning better, faster, and more efficient. A key takeaway when it comes to cleaning and maintaining a clean home is to stay on top of things. We don’t mean that you have to spend every day cleaning your home over and over again. Rather keep on top of the little things. Put things away in their place, tidy up after you’re done using a room. This can reduce the amount of work you have to do when cleaning day comes around. 

Cleaning Tips: Better, Faster, And More Efficiently

Getting the house clean is all about being better, faster, and more efficient. All things that get the job done well without taking your entire day to do so. Obviously, if you can afford it, the quickest way that will give you the best results is to hire a cleaning service. If this is the option you want to go for then most cleaning services have a website where you can book your appointment and select the type of cleaning you need to be done. However, if you’re going at it the old school way then here are some tips to help you clean better. 

1. Clean The Whole House A Task At A Time

One way to get your cleaning better and more efficient is to clean the house one task at a time. Doing this will make sure that each room gets the same treatment and you won’t feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over. This can happen when you’re cleaning a room at a time. If you’re dusting all of the rooms then move on to the next task. You’ll find yourself getting through your cleaning routine much faster this way. 

2. Have All Of Your Cleaning Tools In A Caddy

Something else that will add more organization and speed up the process is to put all of your cleaning supplies in an easy-to-carry cleaning caddy. You can take this with you from room to room. You won’t have to worry about carrying everything around one by one or piling up your arms. This way you can keep it all together and have exactly what you need when you need it. 

3. Declutter Before You Start Cleaning

You may be tempted to jump right into the cleaning but something you should do first is to declutter. Put things in their place. Remove items that don’t belong and overall organize in the room first. Once you do this it’ll be much easier to do things liking sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping. You may also find that once you clear up all of the mess you don’t have to clean as intensely as you thought. A messy room can’t make it feel much dirtier than it is. 

4. Disinfecting Your Countertops And Around Your Home

Cleaning better is also making sure that you’re getting the necessary spots. Countertops are one area of the home that carries the most bacteria and germs. Doorknobs, cabinet handles, faucets, etc are also included in this. Make sure to disinfect these areas for a truly deep and thorough clean. 

5. Spend Time On Your Tubs, Sinks, And Toilets

You should also spend time cleaning out your tubs, sinks, and toilets. These areas are also high-traffic areas. They also are some of the dirtiest areas of the home. It’s best to take your time to clean it right the first time. Once you do this you won’t have to clean it so thoroughly every day. A simple wipe done with disinfecting wipes and shower spray will keep them clean much longer. 

6. Work With Your Family Or Roommates To Get It Done

Truly one of the best ways to clean better, faster, and more efficiently is to get everyone in the house involved. Split the tasks and work together to get them done. Not only will it get you through cleaning faster but you’ll also have more fun doing it with others. Having support will keep you on task and soon you’ll be out enjoying your day. 

Cleaning isn’t the most fun task in the world but it has to be done. Follow these tips to help you clean better, faster, and more efficiently. If you choose to use a cleaning service make sure to do your research into the service first before having them come into your home.