Our brains have tremendous abilities that haven’t all been discovered yet. The way everything we go through in our lives gets processed is both mind-blowingly complicated and extremely specific. When it comes to memories, the process is pretty complex and involves a variety of steps and methods that can seem overwhelming if you look at the technique as a whole. Breaking down the steps helps you make sense of how our memories work.

The most common struggle most of us face is when our memories are weak. It gets frustrating when you’re in a situation where you must remember something fast, but the information seems to have completely fallen out of your head. Since we understand this eternal struggle with memory, we bring you these 6 wonderful tips to help you strengthen your ability to remember things.

Make Connections

There are three stages of how our brains store memories which we need to be aware of to find more effective ways to recall information. Stage 1 is creating the memory, which is the part where events happen that the human mind translates by finding the right patterns to connect things together. Stage 2 is storing the information or the situations that took place. This is where things are first stored in the short-term memory, which saves anything new, learned or felt or seen, for a short time before it moves it to the long-term memory, where things are kept forever. The last stage, which is where we stumble, is recalling previous events.

Recalling things is tricky, unfortunately, because we fail when we need it most. The reason for this can be a number of things. One reason is that sometimes we don’t find a connection that helps us recall this particular part quickly. Another reason is that maybe we didn’t process what happened well enough for it to be properly saved. One great trick you can do at this point is to make connections between what you recently learned to a previous, significant experience. For example, if you need to remember a street name, you may want to find a connection between its name and something you like or something you are familiar with.

Use Healthy Supplements

Our ability to focus helps us see details and automatically find a relation between the most recent situations or data and things we already know or things we feel strongly about. To focus better, we need our heads to be clear and lively, which may not always be the case given how busy our daily life can be. Sometimes we may need to take supplements that improve our ability to concentrate and think more clearly. According to a clinical study done using Qualia Mind nootropic supplement on a group of people, when compared to other groups who didn’t use any supplements and others who used a placebo, the group that used the nootropic supplement showed significant improvement in their cognitive abilities. Consult your doctor and check whether you need supplements and which ones are best for you.

Eat Healthy Food

Many foods help boost your immunity and your overall health, including your cognitive abilities. Vegetables, fruits, proteins, and all essential food elements improve your mind and physical health. Healthy food is a basic part of maintaining a happy, healthy life. You will notice how much your abilities improve in all aspects of your life.


Exercising helps improve your health greatly which leads to a healthier brain, which means a stronger memory. Getting in shape and leading a healthy, active life helps regulate your blood circulation, fight depression and bad moods, feel more energetic, etc. It really is true that a healthy body means a healthy mind.

Get Enough Sleep

When we sleep, our brains become super active and start making sense of everything that happened during the day. Getting enough sleep gives our brains the chance to organize what we experienced during the day and find connections to prior information and incidents. If you don’t get sufficient hours of sleep, you will exhaust your body and your brain won’t have the energy to put things in the right places.

Work on Your Creativity

Becoming more imaginative and creative helps you find a way to visualize the most complicated concepts, even if it sounds impossible. Improving your creativity is a skill you can train yourself in for stronger memory. As we previously mentioned, finding connections between different memories helps you break things down to yourself in a way that is simple for you to learn things better.

The human mind is a marvelous thing that needs to be treated with care. We must be creative in finding ways to train ourselves and our minds to adapt to various techniques that help us remember things better. Research has proven that the human brain can adapt to your style, but this needs to be done the right way.

Published on Holr Magazine