Making the perfect morning matcha is the best way to start the day.


When it comes to making a quick and easy morning matcha, check out our list below for the go-to steps.

Choose high-quality matcha: The key to the perfect morning matcha is choosing high-quality matcha. This will help you achieve the perfect taste and texture. Key tip: look for a matcha that is bright green in color and has a fresh aroma.

How to choose the right amount of matcha: Typically, one teaspoon of matcha powder per cup of water should work when measuring out your morning matcha.

Use fresh, filtered water: Be sure to use fresh, filtered water to ensure your morning matcha is *chef’s kiss*

Heat water to the correct temperature: When it comes to heating water, heat it to approximately 175°F (80°C) to avoid burning the matcha.

Whisk the matcha powder and water: You have choices here- simply use a bamboo whisk or an electric frother to whisk the matcha powder and water together. You’re looking for a frothy, smooth texture.

Enjoy: Pour the matcha into a mug and enjoy! It also tastes great with honey or milk.

Published by HOLR Magazine.