This is iRobot’s most thoughtful robot vacuum to date.

Fall cleaning is the new spring cleaning, right?

In an exciting new announcement from the brand, iRobot is introducing its latest design- the new Roomba® j7+. The Roomba j7+ is thoughtfully designed to seamlessly blend into your home. As a collaborative cleaning partner that offers superior cleaning performance with every mission, it has some exciting new additions and features to explore, including;

PrecisionVision Navigation

This gives users the ability to identify obstacles and avoid hazards when cleaning, such as cords and pet waste.

iRobot Genius™ 3.0 Home Intelligence

This feature is an extension of iRobot’s leadership in creating state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and personalized cleaning experiences. The latest model from the brand includes:

  • Clean While I’m Away, allowing the Roomba j7+ to work around user’s schedules.
  • Smart Map Coaching, helping guide new users through their initial onboarding and subsequent cleaning jobs to personalize their Smart Map.
  • Cleaning Time Estimates, showing customers how long a cleaning job will take so they can plan ahead.
  • Quiet Drive, telling the robot to keep the noise down as it makes its way to and from cleaning jobs when it’s not actively cleaning.

The Roomba j7+ seriously gets smarter with every use as it discovers how best to navigate your floors, remembering specific rooms, layouts, and certain furniture, in order to help clean where it’s needed the most. The new model can also start cleaning automatically when you leave home and stop when you return, making it a stress-free, much-needed item for your house that helps ensure a deep clean every time. 

Perfect for anyone and everyone, the Roomba j7+ really takes the time to understand your individual cleaning preferences- it learns your cleaning rules, asks for and responds to feedback, and remembers how to react in the future- this is a smart home device that is definitely worth the investment. 

It is truly designed to be in a class of its own, as the Roomba j7+ robot and its Clean Base® Automatic Dirt Disposal feature a functional and sleek spun-metal finish with an intuitive one-button design. The Clean Base has also been redesigned to fit under tables and take up less space overall. With the integrated Clean Base, you can forget about vacuuming for months at a time, in which the Roomba j7+ robot vacuum empties itself into an enclosed bag that doesn’t need to be replaced for up to 60 days. We love this feature because thanks to the low-maintenance Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal system, there is no mess to worry about when emptying it. Simply dispose of the used bag and put a new one in the base!

A must-have item for any household, the Roomba j7+ robot vacuum with Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal retails for $1049.99 CAD and the Roomba j7 robot vacuum without the Clean Base can be purchased for $799.99 CAD on

Published by HOLR Magazine.