Beautycounter is releasing ten illuminating shades – the brand’s first-ever cream shadow.

The Lid Glow Cream Shadows are a new addition to the Beautycounter family. They offer easy-to-apply glowy, effortless and illuminating colours that can be built to the desired intensity.

With coconut oil and shea butter included in the formula, the shadow has a buttery, non-greasy texture. The cucumber and chamomile extracts also help soothe and hydrate the delicate eyelid skin. It almost acts like a spa treatment for the eyes.

The formula is also talc-free, an ingredient that has come under scrutiny for asbestos contamination.

The formulation is ideal for any skin type and skin texture. The shadows are great for giving that glowy look to the eye with dreamy colours. It is a product designed for everyone, from youngest to oldest, these shadows will look good on whoever wants to wear them.


They are the perfect product to achieve a soft and fresh look. But is easy to take them to the next level for a nighttime look that will make you stand out.

The ten shades are perfect to accommodate every necessity out there. There is a variety in tones that they can work out perfectly as a nude or pop of colour.

The metallic sheen is just right. It is not a blinding finish but more of a natural glow with the right amount of added sparkle.

They are comfortable to wear and are the perfect touch for any makeup look. With no doubt, these are a must-have in everyone’s makeup kit.  

Safe & Clean Beauty

Since its launch in 2013, Beautycounter has set the highest bar for safety in the beauty industry. It started with their The Never List: 1,800 questionable ingredients they never use in their formulations.

Then, they go above and beyond to screen and assess every ingredient they use against their strict safety standards. What’s left is an ever-evolving toolbox of clean, sustainable ingredients that they use to create innovative formulas that deliver results—safely.

If you have never tried anything by Beautycounter, this is your chance. And there is no better way to do it than with the amazing new Lid Glow Cream Shadows.


Published by HOLR Magazine