Is Chiara Ferragni Divorcing Husband Fedez Rumor Explained

The rumour mill is swirling online that famous Italian fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni and musician husband Fedez have broken up. Based on recent interviews the pair have done and videos that Fedez has been posting, it appears the rumours are true. Fedez recently posted his new apartment on his Instagram stories and showed that he had brought a table to the new space with him that he used to own pre-marriage to Chiara. Fedez also recently did an interview where he stated that no matter what happens Chiara will always be the most important woman in his life because she is the mother of his children. He also referred to Chiara as his wife in the interview but when the reporter asked if he’s calling her that because they are still together or for legal reasons? Fedez said that he calls Chiara hiw wife for legal reasons because the two are still married.

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Why Did Chiara Ferragni and Fedez Breakup?

So what led to Chiara and Fedez breaking up? In that same interview, Fedez revealed that they have had a difficult past three years as a couple. While they have only been married for 5 years, the rough period has been for longer than half their marriage. Fedez revealed that after he had cancer he went into a deep depression. But outside of that they struggled during the pandemic, as well as due to the Chiara Pandoro scandal where Chiara falsely promoted that sales of the pandoro would benefit a children’s hospital. You can read more about that scandal here. The pair also had two children in that period of time, which can also lead to tensions in a relationship with new parents.

Chiara Ferragni Fedez Divorce In English

While the full interview has not been translated to English yet, the parts about the breakup are covered in this article. Users on Tik Tok have been translating some of the Italian interviews about the divorce in English. One user posted that Chiara was asked about the breakup during an interview and she alluded to the fact that she hopes that the can work it out. She also added that it seems like Fedez initiated the breakup. The couple have not officially announced the divorce themselves but a big Italian entertainment gossip site has announced it. Chiara has also not been posting as frequently on social media and she recently took their children on vacation alone and then Fedez vacationed with the kids separately after her trip. Chiara went to Dubai and Fedez went to Miami with the kids.

Fedez also revealed asked Chiara not to post the children’s faces anymore because he doesn’t want them to be at the center of the controversy as they navigate these trying times in their relationship.

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