When Breaking Bad ended in 2013, fans were desperate to see more action from the immersive universe that Vince Gilligan created. There were numerous ideas for a spinoff series, but Gilligan and Peter Gould settled on Better Call Saul. This turned out to be a masterstroke, and that series was arguably even better than the original.

Another project that was touted was the backstory of the crime lord Gus Fring. Giancarlo Esposito has expressed a desire to get back into the character that made him, but there is no news yet that this will go ahead.

Giancarlo Esposito Desperate to Make Prequel

Towards the end of Better Call Saul’s six-season run, Esposito revealed that he had been in talks with series creator Gilligan on the potential of a spinoff. Fring stood out in a universe packed with incredibly rich and detailed characters and became a fan favourite. This is why he got so much screen time in the Saul-centred spinoff, with his storyline almost covered in as much detail as the lawyer’s.

Despite being a major character in 34 episodes of the thriller, there is still a lot that viewers want to learn about Fring. Esposito has long expressed the desire to explore the rise of Gus before he moved to New Mexico. A lot of the gangster’s past in Chile is unexplained in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, so there is much for the writers to work on.

Breaking Bad Franchise Has Already Expanded

Many fans will be clinging on to the hope that there will be a Fring-based series, as the Breaking Bad franchise has been no stranger to expansion up to this point. Along with Better Call Saul, there was also El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, which served as a concluding chapter to Jesse Pinkman’s story.

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Question Marks

According to some reports, Gilligan has no plans to continue the Breaking Bad franchise, meaning a Fring spinoff is unlikely. The genius behind the rich and detailed Albuquerque-set television world has said that he doesn’t want to risk tainting the legacy of his nigh-perfect offerings to date. Gilligan, Gould, and Esposito are all in high demand in television now, meaning that they may be too busy to collaborate on a series anytime soon.

With a Fring series only possible as a prequel, the window for creating one is getting smaller as Esposito ages. Should fans give up on this one? Or is there a small glimmer of hope that it will get made?

Published by HOLR Magazine.