Why is Jeremy Allen White Calvin Klein Ad Video trending? HOLR breaks it down.

Calvin Klein Jeremy Allen White

Jeremy Allen White’s Calvin Klein ad is seemingly going viral online. Check out the viral clip here posted by user @goss.ie on TikTok.

Jeremy Allen White Calvin Klein Ad

Image Credit: @goss.ie TikTok

Jeremy Allen White Calvin Klein Ad

In the viral video, White, who stars in The Bear, can be seen stripping down to reveal his Calvin Klein men’s underwear. As noted in this related article, White is reportedly the new face – and body – of Calvin Klein underwear. The ad was also shot in New York- where the actor is from.

In the newest ad for the Spring campaign, which caused quite a frenzy online, White can be seen wearing the brand’s underwear collection. This article claims that the ad generated $12.7 Million in media exposure for the brand in approximately 48 Hours.

The ad quickly went viral on social media websites such as X, where people discussed everything from the latest line to White’s impressive abs.

Check out the clip on YouTube here, as well. It already has over 570,000 views in just under a week.

What do you think about the Calvin Klein ad featuring Jeremy Allen White going viral online?

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