Did Jennifer Lopez steal Ashanti’s career? HOLR breaks down the rumors.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @outdaughted.tlcus, Ashanti allegedly revealed how JLO (Jennifer Lopez) seemingly ‘stole and ruined’ her career (in the words of the video).

JLO and Ashanti Did Jennifer Lopez Steal Her Career?

Image Credit: TikTok

When JLO announced a new album for 2023, the TikToker alleged that people questioned who would be singing on the album. The TikToker questions whether or not Ashanti will be doing the work for her – again.

JLO and Ashanti

As noted in the video, Ashanti previously revealed that her voice was left in the background of a JLO song. However, some people claim Ashanti did more than background singing because- decades later- fans still say JLO stole Ashanti’s vocals and almost ruined her career.

This drama escalated when JLO allegedly claimed she would be singing a Whitney Houston tribute recently. However, these quotes were later deemed fake. It was allegedly all a rumor. This news followed a viral audio clip of JLO singing – that didn’t particularly sound great- which made its rounds online. Some people even think JLO can’t really sing.

Fans also allege that JLO doesn’t even sing her own songs- however, this rumor has not been verified. JLO allegedly has people like Ashanti to claim for her success, according to the TikToker. When JLO released “I’m Real” back in 2001, that song was reportedly from her second studio album. However, Ashanti claimed that song was being saved for her and it’s unclear why the track was given to JLO. The track was recorded and mixed with Ashanti’s vocals, in which fans claim you can hear her in the background on JLO’s version.

After the success of “I’m Real,” Ashanti returned to write entirely new lyrics over a new beat for JLO. She wrote the song, sang the chorus, and added ad-libs. She also made a cameo in the video.

Rumors also claim JLO almost took “What’s Love” from Ashanti.

Ashanti Kids

News recently broke that Ashanti and Nelly are expecting their first child together.

So- did JLO steal Ashanti’s career? Both women have successful careers, no doubt. This is just the opinion of people online and nothing has been confirmed. Although there is no concrete evidence to support these alleged claims above- i.e. that JLO stole music, doesn’t sing, etc, what do you think about the rumors?

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