A clip of Jo from Vanderpump Rules is going viral online. It is allegedly controversial. 

According to this TikTok video posted by user @bambi_4183, Jo from Vanderpump Rules is going viral online for this recent hair salon scene featuring Tom Schwartz. The caption of the below video claims, “Jo has officially discredited herself as a hairdresser.”


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Jo Wenberg Tom Schwartz

In the clip, Jo is seemingly helping bleach Tom’s hair. After he reveals that his head is “burning” she proceeds to remove the wraps and rub in the bleach with her hands. This sparked a heated debate in the comment section as other users began questioning why she was doing this as a hairdresser.

Jo Vanderpump Rules Drugs

This Reddit thread seemingly discusses the rumors surrounding Jo and Tom allegedly “tweaking” in one of the season’s latest episodes because of the following things viewers allegedly noticed in regard to their supposed actions captured on camera; “Massive pupils, erratic movements, clenched jaws, looking dishevelled, socially inept….” as outlined in the alleged Reddit thread.

Jo Vanderpump Rules Reddit

There is no concrete evidence to support claims that Jo and Tom were on drugs. This is all alleged and speculation.

Are Jo And Schwartz Still Together?

As noted in this article from Us Weekly, Schwartz and Jo have reportedly called their “situationship” quits as outlined in the latest episode drop.

What do you think about this viral scene?

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