President Joe Biden posted a cryptic photo of himself with red eyes to X and the internet can’t stop talking about it. What does it mean?

Joe Biden Twitter

According to this TikTok video posted by user @strangesaunashow, Joe Biden posted a cryptic photo to his presidential account on X that many people found very strange.

Joe Biden Red Eyes

Allegedly, minutes after the Super Bowl LVIII finished, Biden’s personal X account posted the below message with the caption “Just like we drew it up.”

A lot of people thought that this post was from a parody account at first and were shocked to find out it came from Biden’s official X page.

As the TikToker notes, what does this mean exactly? Did Biden help “draw up” plans for the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl against the 49ers? This allegedly comes on the heels of months of Super Bowl conspiracies involving Taylor Swift allegedly rigging the Super Bowl for the Chiefs to win since she brought a lot of money to the NFL this year. It is also alleged that Swift is going to be endorsing Biden for the upcoming election but this remains unconfirmed. Again- this is all alleged.

“Are they messing with us?” alleges the TikToker.

The official meaning behind this photo has not yet been addressed but there are a lot of rumors and conspiracies running rampant online regarding what it could mean. Right now, these are all allegations as we don’t know the exact meaning behind Joe Biden’s post.

What do you think about this photo and the conspiracies surrounding it?

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Image Credit: @strangesaunashow TikTok