Kangana Ranaut speaks up on dating rumors with Nishant Pitti

In the ever-vibrant world of Bollywood, the spotlight often falls on the personal lives of its stars. Recently, Kangana Ranaut found herself amidst relationship rumors with Nishant Pitti, especially after pictures surfaced of her visit to the Ram Mandir. However, the outspoken actress has decided to break her silence, revealing a surprising twist in the tale by stating, “I am dating someone else.”

Kangana Ranaut, known for her bold and candid nature, has been making headlines not just for her on-screen performances but also for the speculations surrounding her personal life. The rumors gained momentum after pictures of her visit to the Ram Mandir with Nishant Pitti started circulating, leading to widespread speculation about their relationship.

Addressing the swirling rumors, Kangana Ranaut decided to put an end to the speculations and set the record straight. In a candid revelation, the actress made it clear that she is not romantically involved with Nishant Pitti. Instead, she dropped a bombshell by disclosing that she is currently dating someone else.

In a media interaction, Kangana Ranaut opened up about the ongoing rumors and decided to share a glimpse into her personal life. The actress, known for her straightforwardness, clarified that while the pictures with Nishant Pitti may have sparked rumors, the truth is quite different.  Responding to a news article on the matter, Kangana urged the media to refrain from continually linking her “to a new man every day,” expressing her discomfort with such speculations. Additionally, she made it clear that Nishant Pitti is “happily married,” offering a straightforward clarification on the ongoing rumors.

Also, Kangana went on to disclose that she is currently in a relationship with ‘someone else’ and assured her followers that she would share more details when the timing is appropriate. She shared this revelation along with a screenshot of a news article discussing her and Nishant Pitti on her Instagram Stories and said, “My humble request to the media, please don’t spread misinformation, Nishant Pitti is happily married and I am dating someone else. Wait for the right time. Please don’t embarrass us, it is not nice to link a young woman to a new man every day just because they clicked pictures together. Please don’t do this.” (here)

The Ram Mandir Controversy

The controversy surrounding Kangana’s visit to the Ram Mandir added fuel to the relationship rumors. However, Kangana Ranaut chose to address the situation head-on, emphasizing that her visit to the religious site had no romantic implications. She urged the media and fans to focus on her work and achievements rather than indulging in baseless gossip.

Kangana Movie

Set to grace the silver screen in the forthcoming period film “Emergency,” Kangana Ranaut takes on the challenging role of the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Notably, “Emergency” stands as her debut solo directorial venture, promising a cinematic experience like never before. Anticipated for release in June 2024, the film is poised to showcase Kangana’s directorial prowess and her compelling portrayal of the iconic political figure.

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