The big alleged controversy between Pakistani Actress Nausheen Shah and Kangana Ranaut.

A big statement by Pakistani actress Nausheen claims she wants to slap Kangna Ranaut!

A very famous Bollywood actress and filmmaker Kangana Ranaut has made a name in the industry. She is very well known for her outspokenness although she is seemingly surrounded by controversy, often, too! She openly expresses her thoughts and views on any situation, in which she always seems to be fearless. However, people also troll her sometimes for this, too.

Now, Pakistani actress Nausheen Shah has targeted Kangana as noted in a recent chat show ‘Had Kar di ‘ with Momin Saquib. In the show, Nausheen claimed she wanted to meet Kangana Ranaut and even wanted to slap her.  This is what Shah had to say (as also noted here) below:

“The way she says sh*t about my country, the way she says a lot of crap about the Pakistan army, I salute her audacity. She has no knowledge but talks about the country, that too someone else’s country. Focus on your own country, focus on your acting, your direction… focus on your controversies and ex-boyfriends and what not.”

Nausheen Praises Kangana

However, at the end of the chat show, she also praised Kangana claiming she is a “fantastic actress.”

What do you think about the latest news involving the two?

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