Are Chase Stokes and Kelsea Ballerini together? HOLR breaks down the latest rumors involving the duo and their relationship.

Kelsea Ballerini Boyfriend

According to this viral TikTlok video posted by user @kelseaballerini, fans think that the singer-songwriter and her rumored boyfriend, Chase Stokes from Netflix’s Outer Banks, may have broken up.

kelsea ballerini chase stokes breakup

Image Credit: TikTok

Kelsea Ballerini Chase Stokes Broke Up

In the video, Call Her Daddy host Alex Cooper asks Ballerini if she is single to which Ballerini replies with the same question.

kelsea ballerini chase stokes broke up

Image Credit: Instagram

This caused a frenzy among fans who were worried that she may have broken up with her rumored boyfriend, Stokes. The caption of the video also hints that there is “alot to catch up on.”

did kelsea ballerini and chase stokes breakup

Image Credit: TikTok

However, some fans were quick to notice that Ballerini was shaking her head while she replied, insinuating that she is not single.

kelsea ballerini boyfriend

Image Credit: TikTok

From what we can tell, this looks like a promo for the latest Call Her Daddy episode and it seems as though there isn’t trouble in paradise for the duo- all looks well as they are still posting each other on Instagram looking super happy together.

Is Chase Stokes back with Madelyn?

Madelyn Cline and Stokes – who both star in Outer Banks– dated for a little over a year and broke up in 2021. Cline is now rumored to be dating comedian Pete Davidson.

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