The big L-word is out with this couple as they easily make their relationship stand out as couple goals to aspire to. Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes have a truly cute love story.

It all started as the two joined each other on the set of Outer Banks where the two co-stars play romantic interests. These two lovebirds started off as friends who enjoyed sharing their passions and interests in their work. Chase gushed about how he enjoys “watching her get excited about her work and be her cheerleader”. While the two enjoyed each other’s friendship as coworkers, they now have the added benefit of living together being proud of their partners while they work!

The couple was first officially announced on Instagram back in June of 2020, since then they have been quarantining together and have shared countless adorable images on social media. First with their June post confirming their relationship where Chase captions “Cat’s outta the bag” as the two enjoy a romantic dinner on the beach.

Though the couple has gone through quite the challenge quarantining during the coronavirus pandemic having an “immediate test”. However, as the months have gone by they’ve shown how they’ve only gotten closer together bonding over the experience. The pandemic has been a life lesson for both as they have had to learn patience and listening in regards to one another. Having to be mindful of each other’s personal space has been another lesson the two have grown from.

Working together has been a blast for the two as they enjoy heading home and bouncing ideas off one another. Though come time to get to business the two take their characters very seriously, lucky for them, on Outer Banks, it doesn’t take long for the two to get into character as their romantic chemistry fits right into the roles they play on screen. 

Though the two take a very healthy approach to work and love life as separate that should be aspired to. With the aim of never taking any negativity to work, the sole focus is being there to support each other as they understand they are both individuals at the very minimum and together they are best friends, partners and screen partners.

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