The internet is buzzing with rumors surrounding King Charles’ alleged funeral plans supposedly being arranged. 

According to this new article by TMZ, rumors of King Charles’ funeral being planned and updated have taken over the internet- however, the King is reportedly making a return to public duties in order to debunk these claims surrounding alleged ill health.

King Charles Health Update

The Royal Family took to social media to share the below statement (here) regarding the King’s current health status and how he will be returning to “public-facing duties after a period of treatment and recuperation following his recent cancer diagnosis.”


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King Charles was recently diagnosed with cancer earlier this year in February. This is an excerpt from the Royal Family’s previous post here discussing his cancer diagnosis: “During The King’s recent hospital procedure for benign prostate enlargement, a separate issue of concern was noted. Subsequent diagnostic tests have identified a form of cancer.” It was then revealed that he would postpone public-facing duties in order to undergo treatment.

Now, it seems as though he will be returning to the public just a few short months later.

Annus Horribilis Meaning

Annus Horribilis is trending online today following allegations surrounding funeral arrangements for King Charles circulating on the internet. This phrase is Latin for “Horrible Year” and it is likely in reference to King Charles and the Princess of Wales’ respective cancer diagnoses which were both revealed earlier this year. Both of these cancer diagnoses have not been specified.

As noted here, the phrase was used by Queen Elizabeth II back in 1992 to describe that year based on the events that had occurred. In 1992, a fire occurred at Windsor Castle, the Princess Royal got a divorce, the Duke of York and his wife separated and the Prince of Wales was having marriage issues.

King Charles Funeral Plans

Allegedly, King Charles’ health was recently reported to be in decline although no concrete evidence is available to support these claims. As a result, it was alleged in the TMZ article that funeral plans were supposedly being updated on a regular basis for King Charles but, again, no solid evidence can support if this is actually true or not. TMZ referenced another recent article by Daily Beast here regarding the above claims.

King Charles made an appearance during the Easter Service at St. George’s Chapel recently, but it looks as though he plans on making more appearances soon based on this new announcement from the Royal Family.  It seems as though King Charles is laying these ill health rumors to rest, and that the public will be seeing more of him in the coming months following his previous unknown cancer diagnosis. As of right now, it is unclear if the King is still undergoing treatment or what the current status of his cancer diagnosis is, as the statement from the Royal Family did not make reference to these questions.

There you have it- King Charles is reportedly not dead or dying despite alleged reports that funeral arrangements are being updated, although it seems as though he is slowly going to start making regular public appearances again following this new update posed to social media.

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