Allegedly, the BBC is reportedly on standby to make an important Royal announcement. HOLR breaks down the claims. 

BBC Royal News

According to this TikTok video posted by user @thekingsguardchannel, there are rumors floating around that the BBC is allegedly on standby to report a Royal announcement in the coming days.

BBC News Royal Family

This news follows alleged claims that Kate Middleton is missing as well as rumors surrounding Prince William having an affair. There have been multiple conspiracy theories surrounding Middleton’s alleged whereabouts following a supposed planned abdominal surgery.

BBC Royal Annoucement 

After a viral family photo featuring Middleton and her children circulated online that was revealed to have been altered, it was quickly removed by news agencies which caused speculation amongst the public and throughout social media.

As the TikTok video claims British media outlets allegedly began to ask more questions about what may be going on. New speculations online claim that the BBC is announcing something soon about the Royal Family. Although we don’t know when or what this announcement is, it is alleged that the announcement will come in the coming days by this Wednesday.

King Charles abdicating?

Again, it is unclear if this is legitimate or not as well as what the alleged announcement could be about. Is Middleton actually missing? Did Prince William have an affair and get Rose Hanbury pregnant? Is King Charles III abdicating the throne? One of the rumours circulating coming from a source that spoke to Tik Toker Kyle Marissa Roth, alleges that the announcement will be that King Charles is abdicating due to Pancreatic cancer. These are all rumors that have started online that do not have concrete evidence to support their claims although they are running rampant across platforms such as X and TikTok. 

BBC News King Charles 

Allegedly, the supposed announcement being made by the BBC is due by Wednesday of this week but we will have to wait and see if these alleged rumors are true or not. 

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Image Credits: @thekingsguardchannel TikTok, @theroyalfamily Instagram

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