Why is Kyle Richards trending? HOLR breaks down the alleged relationship rumors regarding Richards and country singer, Morgan Wade.

Rumors are swirling regarding RHOBH’s Kyle Richards being in an alleged relationship with country singer, Morgan Wade. Richards is married to real estate mogul, Mauricio Umansky of Netflix’s Buying Beverly Hills.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @brownstonedmama, the internet can’t stop talking about whether or not the duo is in an alleged relationship.



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As mentioned in the video, although we don’t know if the two are more than friends, after closely analyzing Richards’ Instagram it seems as though she rarely posts her husband lately. Even though this is not concrete evidence that anything is going on between Richards and Wade, it does raise a slight red flag as she used to post her husband more in the past.

The TikToker also goes into detail about how Richards seemingly talks about Umansky in her posts. Recently, instead of being more romantic, her posts seem to be more promotional. She also did not post about their anniversary this year even though she has in the past.

This news regarding Wade and Richards is all alleged but it’s interesting to note how Richards’ social media posts have seemingly changed amidst these rumors circulating.

Is Kyle Richards Dating Morgan Wade?

This is all alleged news, but people are speculating that the two are involved. According to this article, Richards supposedly moved into a more “edgy” phase during the time that she started spending more time with Wade. The pair also seemingly have matching heart tattoos which seems like a big commitment.

Kyle Richards Reddit

Reddit users have taken to the platform to discuss the rumors involving Richards and Umansky’s alleged marriage issues and what is seemingly going on with the two in this trending thread.

“He will never emotionally fulfill her,” said one user.

“There have been several clues: hidden ring finger in a lot of pictures … the monogrammed bag missing the U … the revenge body vibes. I would be surprised if they separated immediately before the daughter’s wedding, which I assumed was going to be her storyline this season. I would NOT at all be surprised if this “trouble in paradise” is all manufactured speculation for storyline. Yes, I’m that cynical,” said another user.

What do you think about the rumors?

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