Kylie Jenner is reportedly involved in some drama that includes cake. HOLR breaks down a TikToker’s explanation of the alleged incident. 

According to this TikTok video posted by user @amandachristine_1, Kylie Jenner is reportedly involved in some cake drama.

Kylie Jenner Cake

As noted in the video, Amy Yip is the owner of @yip.studio_ on Instagram, which is a small cake business. This past week, Amy claimed that an event planner who contacted her on behalf of Kylie Jenner’s team had reached out to her to commission her for a cake for the star. As the TikToker notes, Amy responded with a price for the cake request and that she would clear her schedule to be able to accommodate. She also alleged that she would make the delivery coincide with a pop-up she had in L.A. so that Kylie’s team did not have to worry about flights, accommodations etc. for the delivery.

Amy also reportedly claimed that she spent hours creating a deck of ideas for her team so that they could have an idea of what she could do for them in response to the request. She supposedly did not take a deposit for this work to date. She then reportedly received an email back stating that her team did not have the budget to accommodate.

Amy then took to social media to supposedly share an image of one of her cakes along with a photo of one of Kylie’s cakes (from back in October), seemingly accusing the star of trying to get a “dupe” of one of her cakes from before, as the TikToker alleges in the clip. Amy posted another story claiming that Kylie’s team reached out to ask her to take down the stories so she defended her actions in one of her final posts about the alleged incident.

She followed up with this recent post (below) claiming that Kylie had apologized and reportedly did not pay her to remove her previous stories about the cake drama incident.

There seem to be a lot of mixed responses on the TikToker’s video about the incident so it is unclear where the internet stands in relation to this drama that seemingly unfolded between the two.

What are your thoughts on this alleged incident that occurred? 

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Image credits: @amandachristine_1 TikTok and @yip.studio_ Instagram