Kylie Jenner Receives Backlash For Wearing Givenchy Necklace Shaped Like A Noose

Recently, Kylie Jenner has been shocking the internet with her bold fashion choices. Although this time, fans believe that she may have gone too far.

Jenner is currently in Paris for Paris Fashion Week, and for the past few days, we have seen a few eccentric pieces on the star. A few days ago, Kylie stepped out wearing a Schiaparelli dress with a lion’s head on the side. Fashion lovers applauded her for this, and even PETA commended her for embracing the lion’s beauty and possibly fighting back against Trophy Hunting.

Image Credit: David Fisher/Shutterstock

Some people found this dress a bit disturbing and didn’t understand the concept of the design.

“We should not be using animals as trophies”, said BBC radio host and zoologist, Dan O’Neill.

Kylie is known for surprising us in all the best ways possible when it comes to fashion and new style trends. Although, her most recent fashion statement is seemingly backfiring as fans believe she has gone ‘way too far’ this time.

The Givenchy ‘Noose’ Necklace

As Fashion Week continues, so do all the different types of fashion we see on the celebs attending this year. Kylie was papped leaving a vehicle in a long blue dress, shimmery pink books and a shocking Givenchy necklace in the form of a noose.

Image Credit: TheRealSPW / MEGA

Once the internet got ahold of these pictures, the pushback began. Fans were absolutely disgusted by this and did not hold back on giving the billionaire a piece of their mind.

This has not been the first time that Kylie’s fashion choices have gotten her in trouble. Twitter users are going back and forth debating which looks of hers ‘are worse’ but it seems after an overwhelming amount of votes, this one has to be the one winning the taking.

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