Did Kylie Jenner forgive Jordyn Woods?

Kylie Jenner reveals that she and Jordyn Woods are still friends.

Despite the fact that Jordyn Woods was partially responsible for the cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson in 2018.

A scandal which divided the Jenner-Kardashian clan given that the hook-up occurred while Thompson was in a relationship with Kylie’s sister Khloe.

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But now, Jenner has shockingly revealed that she and Woods had stayed friends in spite of the betrayal.

And in her interview with Jennifer Lawrence on the 27th, Jenner told Jennifer that the two had met to work through everything.

“Jordyn and I, we always stayed in touch throughout the years, and we would meet up at my house and catch up and just talk through everything,” Jenner said.

It goes without saying that at the time, Jenner would have felt the betrayal not only as a friend but as a sister as well.

So, how did the two friends repair their bond?

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Are Khloe and Kylie close?

Although they have their ups and downs as all siblings do, Kylie and Khloe actually share a deep bond.

And the answer to that question is yes. They are still very much close despite the latest revelations.

With Kylie’s admission that the pair had never severed their friendship, and didn’t want to hide their friendship,

How does Khloe feel about it?

Khloe’s rant after fans comments on Instagram in 2021, answers that question and there’s no reason to think it has changed.

“I’m so sick and tired of this narrative that I control my sister or dictate who she chooses to surround herself with,” the reply read.

“Never once have I ever and I mean EVER told my sister who she can be friends with. She is an adult, who can do whatever she wants to do.”

“Regardless of who she chooses to be friends with, I will always love, respect and value my sister unconditionally!! She is my life partner, and I will always respect what she chooses!!!

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Kylie Jenner learns a lesson as a person.

Much like her sister Khloe did in 2021, Kylie chooses to take the high road with the drama surrounding Woods.

“There’s a learning lesson in everything, and I think that in a weird way, everything happens how it’s supposed to happen,” she explained.

“We were so attached at the hip that we needed space to grow into the people that we were supposed to be.

It’s great that they have all taken a mature outlook on such a hurtful experience.

Between Khloe’s acceptance of Kylie’s friendship with Woods and even the apology from Thompson all shows great growth and character from all of them.

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