Is Kylie Jenner launching a new brand? HOLR breaks down the alleged claims following new photos of the star surfacing online.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @lonniegal, Kylie Jenner may be releasing a new brand sooner than we think.

Kylie Jenner Sprinter

In the now-viral footage of the star, we can see that she’s holding a box so it is assumed that the star is launching a vodka soda brand called, Sprinter. The reality star has not released any details regarding this alleged new brand but was seen casually carrying a case of Sprinter to a car.

When the TikToker did a deep dive online into the brand, she noticed that the website claimed it is allegedly “coming” on March 21. Although Kylie did not address these claims, the TikToker believes the brand is Kylie’s from the way she is holding the box.

Kylie is seemingly following in her sister Kendall JEnner’s footsteps by allegedly releasing an alcohol brand. Kendall has a tequila brand called 818.

What are your thoughts on Kylie’s alleged new endeavor? Although nothing has been confirmed just yet what do you think about the star potentially launching another brand?

Published by HOLR Magazine. 

Image credits: @lonniegal TikTok