Why is Leeds Bass Pro Shop video trending? HOLR breaks down the viral video making its rounds online. 

According to this TikTok video posted by user @ashleynjenster, there is a viral video making its rounds online of a man jumping into a large fish tank at a Bass Pro Shops store in Leeds, Alabama, this week, also noted here. “Other than the getting naked part, you can’t tell me you never thought about doing this,” claims the TikToker, jokingly.

HOLR will not be posting the full video as it contains nudity.

Leeds Bass Pro Shop Video Man Jumps In Water Naked

Image Credit: @ashleynjenster TikTok

Leeds Bass Pro Shop Video

In the video, the man- who remains unidentified but was seen naked in the clip- can be witnessed jumping into the fish tank while officers look on.

Allegedly, the man, who is 42 years old, crashed his car outside of the Bass Pro Shops outlet in Leeds just before it was set to close that night. Following this, he ended up stripping down to his birthday suit and jumping into the store’s fish tank, as noted here.

It is noted that he allegedly got a few jumps in before he was eventually put into custody. He now faces charges such as; public lewdness, disorderly conduct, and criminal mischief, as the article notes.

The reason behind this man’s seemingly indecent act has not been revealed, although it is also being reported that he allegedly suffers from mental health issues.

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