Kyle Richards is trending after a viral video of a mouse on her car circulated online.

Kyle Richards Mouse Video

According to this TikTok video posted by user @chucrewcult, Kylr Richards filmed a mouse (or rat) right outside her car and is going insanely viral on social media as a result.


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Kyle Richards Rat Video

The video shows a mouse or rat at the front of Richards’ car, seemingly looking at her through the window, near her side mirrors. In the clip- which has since gone viral- Richards can be heard panicking as the mouse looks at her and sniffs around the car. The caption of the video claims: Kyle Richards getting held hostage by a mouse was part of her 2024 plans.

In the video, Richards can be heard swearing as the mouse looks on from outside the car. “Oh my God, please, f*cking,” panics Richards in the clip as she films the creature.

Here is the clip Richards posted to Instagram, detailing the story:


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She captioned the Instagram post:

So this happened to me today. I stopped for coffee & was sitting in my car looking at emails.
Now, before you judge my reaction ( yes, a disclaimer is coming) know that at first my passenger side window was DOWN and and I was afraid to put my car in reverse because my rear view mirrors would move potentially creating a worse scenario. And I was too afraid to put my legs down where the gas pedal is in case there was a point of entry down there 😆🤷🏻‍♀️ I also couldn’t feel my legs

In the video, she begs the mouse or rat to get off of her car. “Why is this doing this to me,” she can be heard saying. She then tries knocking on the window to get another man’s attention to help her but he doesn’t hear her knock.

People took to the comment section of Richards’ video on Instagram with some hilarious responses:

The video then cuts out- seemingly leaving viewers on edge about what happens next.

What are your thoughts on this viral clip?

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