Lexi Bonner Beat Kid 8 Year Old Autistic Boy

Lexi Bonner, a 14-year-old girl located in Littlehampton, England is being investigated by authorities after beating up an 8-year-old-boy. The victim is believed to be an autistic boy who was playing at Brookefield Park, Littlehampton. It is alleged that the young boy approached Lexi Bonner to play tag, when Lexi started chasing him and threw him to the floor. In disturbing video footage, circulating online, Lexi can be seen beating the 8-year-old autistic boy while he is on the ground. Lexi can be seen standing on him, kicking him and beating him.

Who Is Lexi Bonner Explained

Lexi Bonner is a 14-year-old girl based in Sussex, England. Beyond that not much is known about the girl publicly and as she is likely protected under Childrens Privacy in the legal system more information will not be known to the public. Some people on Tik Tok are allegedly posting her home address and family members names but it important to not spread private information online given the wide implications her family my face from this attack.

What Happened To Lexi Bonner

Since the video was released, authorities from the Sussex Police, posted a statement that they are investigating Lexi Bonner. It appears that at this time, Lexi Bonner arrest has not taken place. Authorities revealed that this is an ongoing investigation and that no arrests were yet made in the case. While there were rumours circulating online that the 8-year-old autistic boy victim dies from the injuries he sustained, this is allegedly not true. One Tik Tok account posted an update saying that the boy is now at home recovering with his family.

Lexi Bonner Footage Twitter Watch

Please note that this footage is extremely disturbing.

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