Lewis Capaldi’s rise to fame may seem swift — his lead single ‘Someone You Loved’ earned over 30M YouTube views in just one month — but it has taken a lifetime to get to where he is now. Having been on stage since the age of four, he was 19 when he was discovered on SoundCloud by his manager Ryan Walter. His breakout single ‘Bruises’ came first in March, 2017. Then by October of that year, just after his 21st birthday, Lewis released the Bruises EP. Today, he’s sharing his songs on stages around the world while winning hearts and streams along the way with his signature brand of broody breakup ballads.

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Do you draw inspiration from any specific source?

I just write about my life. My album is all about a breakup. And the people in my family that died. It’s very morbid, but it’s a nice morbid. Still, the album’s quite sad. Emotional is probably the best word to use. But that’s because when I was writing the album, I was having the best three years of my life. I was making music for a job, travelling, seeing all this new stuff, playing live gigs and getting paid for it. So the things that really stuck out in those three years were the sad things, like breaking up with a girlfriend and my grandma pop- ping her clogs.

What is your goal for next year?

Not to die. As long as I’m alive this time next year, it’s all good.

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