Litzareli Madrigal boyfriend spills the tea!

According to this TikTok video from user @realitytvdoll, the ex-boyfriend of “mean girl” Litzareli Madrigal recorded a live video of himself speaking out about her mean girl antics. The below TikTok video shows reposted clips from the live.


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The two allegedly dated before and now he’s going off about her behavior as she was recently called out for being a “mean girl.” Throughout the video, her ex can be seen talking about how Madrigal was supposedly “insecure” and how she cheated on him. He also accuses her of pulling a knife on another girl.

“She would get like offensive, I don’t know, like out of nowhere,” he said in the video.

“She was raised spoiled,” he also claimed. “She’s gorgeous but her attitude makes her a zero,” he continued.

Here’s what some people had to say about her ex coming forward with this information and how the situation is currently unfolding in the comment section of the TikTok video.

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Jackie La Bonita TikTok

Madrigal was previously called out for “bullying” fellow TikToker @jackielabonita in this viral video.


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The video has since been viewed a whopping 46.3 million times and counting. Since the video went viral, Madrigal and Alondra Poullet have come forward to address the situation. However, viewers were not convinced of their apology and accused them of “gaslighting” Jackie and her experience.

Jackie has yet to respond to the girls’ apology videos publicly.

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