The infamous girls in the back of Jackie’s TikTok viral video have come forward to release their “apology” and side of the story in the bullying case that caused the internet to go wild.

Litzareli Madrigal and Alondra Poullet have released an “apology” video to their joint TikTok account that goes into depth about the girls’ side of the story in relation to Jackie’s viral video.

Check out a clip here re-posted from a different user’s account.


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The 6-minute-long video does not include an apology to Jackie, directly. “We felt the need to share ours as well,” said the girls in the video in regard to sharing their side of the story.

During the TikTok video, the girls also address Cardi B’s comment stating, “I personally don’t think it’s okay to be promoting violence,” in relation to Cardi B saying she would put that ring to use in a recent Tweet.

The girls claim they “were not judging” Jackie for taking photos. “Just be considerate of who’s in the background, like girl, we could see ourselves more than you could in your own picture,” alleged one of the girls in the video.

“We were just harassed and disgusted of how long that man- your husband- was continuously taking pictures and videos that was aimed towards us,” they continued.

“I personally don’t think photobombing is bullying,” they stated.

The girls also fired back at people who came after one of their boyfriends for posting a video in defense. “Him defending me, as my boyfriend it’s not something where he should be getting hate for.”

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Other highlights from the video include the girls stating that the video was edited “very well” to Jackie’s advantage and that it made them look a certain way. “This is ruining our reputation for something that was taken completely out of context.”

“Our livelihoods are at risk at this point,” they said. They state that they are open to talking to Jackie about the situation at one point and mention that they have tried to reach out to her via social media DMs.

“It was not our intention for her to feel like she wanted to cry or for her to feel like we were messing with her self-confidence,” they claim later on in the video. “The impression I’m getting from this is that you literally used your following [as an] advantage to get more out of this video,” alleges one of the girls. The girls also claim Jackie “knew” they were going to get hate and that she was going to get “hyped up” as a result of this video going live.

They also keep alleging that the camera was not on Jackie and instead on them, in the background.

“I understand if you feel like we were bullying you but keep in mind this is 2 against 1. You put millions and millions of people against us, against our families, against our homes, against literally our own jobs, our own university,” they stated

The video ends with them claiming, “You ruined our reputation, our safety for us and in any public place, at school, at our own homes.”

Check out some of the comments on the above TikTok video below, in which many users believe the girls are “gaslighting” and not apologizing for their actions- just justifying them. 

Litzareli Madrigal Apology Litzareli Madrigal Apology

Image Credits: TikTok

Litzareli Madrigal Linkedin

TikTok sleuths have also taken to Linkedin to track down Madrigal’s personal information and places of work.

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