The Grammy award winner, Lizzo has returned with a New Single, ‘Rumours” featuring CardiB, since her first single release in 2019, cuz  I love you.

With “Cuz I love you”. Lizzo became the most nominated artist at the 2020 Grammy Awards, this album bought the singer into the mainstream after years of working on the side of the showbusiness.

With her track, Lizzo addresses the way her appearance and actions are viewed by the public, as well as the gossip circulated about her online and how tough it is for her to be in the public eye.


The music video directed by Tanu Muino shows  Lizzo and  Cardi B as Greco-Roman Olympian figures, both dressed in gold addressing how artists’ appearance and actions are scrutinized by the public and the media. 

From the song lyrics “They say I should watch the sh*t I post, oh, goddamn/Say I’m turnin’ big girls into ho*s, oh, goddamn”,  Lizzo is addressing people claiming she should be more conscious of what she posts on the internet. 

Cardi B also addresses her past antics by sitting on a throne, apparently reading a scroll, as she smirks, “All the rumours are true”. The song is feel-good and unrelenting fun.

Watch the full video here on YouTube.

Published on HOLR Magazine.