Matthew Love Is Blind Gaslighting

Matthew Duliba of the latest season of Love Is Blind on Netflix is being called out by fans for being a narcissist and a gaslighter. In particular, fans are pointing to his breakup scene with AD where he claims that he thinks “I’ve got America on my side.” Matthew opens the scene by telling AD, “You know America they do love a good underdog. They do love comebacks and I think I’ve got the whole country of America on my side.”, which elicited an eye roll from AD.

@rickyvalero_ Matthew said all of America was on his side. Were you on his side? #loveisblind #love #realitytv #matthew #loveisblindseason6 #netflix ♬ original sound – RickyValero

AD and Matthew ultimately broke up and AD got engaged to Clay, who she is still currently with on the show since episodes 1-8 have aired. It remains to be seen if the two are still together post show.

Matt Love Is Blind Season 6 Reddit

In the show Matthew is portrayed as socially awkward and even rude at times like when he walked out on one of his pod dates mid-conversation. However, cast mates have since revealed that he didn’t leave mid-conversation and that the show was just edited that way. Possibly to feed into the narrative they created around Matthew on Love is Blind. Fans on Reddit are seemingly torn on how to feel about Matthew with some believing he did not receive a fair edit and others defending him for feeling out of place because he is the only one that didn’t drink alcohol. While others are saying he was a narcissist and manipulative in his behaviour like when he asked AD if she would share what he told her when he opened up to her with any of the other women. In hindsight, it appears that he didn’t want AD to share what he said to her so that the other girl he was speaking to wouldn’t find out as he said the exact same thing to her.

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