Was Meghan Markle ever pregnant?

Allegedly, there is a rumor going around on social media platforms such as TikTok that Meghan Markle was never pregnant with her children. In this TikTok video posted by user @meghan_duchessoflies, it is alleged that Markle supposedly had a “fake pregnancy” claiming that many believe that Markle has never been pregnant.  

Meghan Markle Never Pregnant Rumor

Image Credit: TikTok

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry share two children together; Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.

Meghan Marle Pregnant

According to the above TikTok video’s caption, the birth certificates of Markle and Prince Harry’s children have never been revealed, in which it is alleged that the Royal family has shown them in the past. However, this claim has been debunked in this article which states that “Archie’s birth certificate was made public 11 days after his birth in May 2019.”

Was Meghan Markle ever pregnant?

Image Credit: TikTok

The TikTok video’s caption also alleges that Markle’s pregnant belly is “so strange and deforms.”

Meghan Markle Pregnancy

This article discusses the outrageous pregnant conspiracy rumors floating around all over the internet that claim Markle was never pregnant- also alleging that her children don’t even exist. The article even discusses the viral rumor claiming that Markle had a surrogate despite being spotted out and about with a baby bump.

Although there is no concrete evidence to support these wild claims that Markle was never pregnant, what do you think about the rumors?

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