Why is Mikayla Campinos Dead at 16 Leaked Video trending? HOLR breaks it all down.

An alleged leaked video featuring Mikayla Campinos has supposedly gone viral online. This news follows the allegedly breaking tragic news of the Canadian social media star supposedly passing away at the age of 16.

Mikayla Campinos TikTok

Campinos is a Canadian social media star, widely recognized on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. She is known for creating beauty content on her TikTok channel.

mikayla campinos

Image Credit: @mikaylacampinos Instagram

Mikayla Campinos Dead?

In recent shocking news, the social media star reportedly passed away at the age of 16. News of her passing is spreading online like wildfire, as she is known widely online for her social media presence where she has a large following on multiple platforms.

News surrounding her alleged death has not yet been revealed- and HOLR is working on verifying these alleged reports of her supposed passing- but some news outlets are allegedly reporting that it might have been the result of a supposed suicide.

Mikayla Campinos Leaked Video

In the midst of the social media star’s alleged passing, a viral video has captured the internet’s attention. This controversial video supposedly features Mikayla and an unknown individual but fans are unsure if the video circulating online is real or not. The exact contents of the video are difficult to decipher but it allegedly includes NSFW content. The video also supposedly calls into question authenticity and whether or not the video was released in an effort to affect Mikayla’s reputation, as noted here.

HOLR will be sure to keep you updated on this unfolding story as more news surrounding the situation comes to light.

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EDIT: An earlier version of this story stated that HOLR is working to confirm these alleged reports, and has since been updated to reveal that HOLR is working towards verifying that the star has actually passed since no concrete evidence/official report has come out since to support claims of Campinos actually passing away.

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