Mikayla Campinos is still trending after rumored news of the social media star dying went viral. HOLR has the latest.

What happened to Mikayla Campinos? HOLR is weighing in on the viral story and alleged news.

Mikayla Campinos Pickles Account Video

Campinos recently went viral for being the target of an alleged explicit video leak that was shared widely online without her consent. The person who allegedly leaked the video has not been identified yet.

Mikayla Campinos Pickles Reddit

The viral video of the social media star has gone viral online, reaching social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit where users continue to share the alleged NSFW content.

Mikayla Campinos Death

HOLR first reported on the rumored news of Campinos’ alleged death here, however, even though days have gone by since the reported news broke, there is still no concrete evidence to back up claims that the social media star has actually passed. Campinos’ social media channels have allegedly been silent since the supposed news broke, but without an official announcement from family regarding her alleged passing, this could seemingly be a death hoax that has taken the internet by storm. Instagram users are also still unable to comment on Campinos’ latest Instagram posts.

What happened to Mikalya Campinos?

Update: There’s speculation swirling around Mikayla Campinos, suggesting she may be the subject of a death hoax. With her absence from social media, many are jumping to conclusions about her well-being. Until there’s an official statement clarifying her status, it’s prudent to regard Mikayla Campinos as alive and well, albeit maintaining a low profile.

HOLR will continue to follow this story as more news comes out surrounding whether or not the social media star has actually passed or not, as well as if the viral video is ever addressed.

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