If you read our recent breakdown on how to look cooler on your next ski trip and were left wanting more ski-appropriate sartorial choices, then fret not you precious snow bunny. Here, we made a curated list of ski apparel that will both look great on the mountainside and the cityscape. 

Must-Have Ski Apparel To Add To Your Wardrobe

Whether you’re a regular skier or not, it’s never wrong to invest in pieces that will serve you purpose on and off the ski lifts. In this list, we listed the key items one would need to wear when spending a day carving snow that can also work as an add-on to a regular winter wardrobe. Aside from jackets and snow pants, having statement accessories make up the majority of the style in snow sports dressing. So it only makes sense to invest in these key accessories when building the foundation of your snow apparel arsenal. 


Toques or beanies are an essential piece to any winter wardrobe. It serves the practical purpose of keeping your head warm whilst adding flair to your overall look. Skiers and snowboarders typically wear a toque under their helmets for additional warmth, and since those sports can get very intense
(read: sweaty) it’s advisable to wear breathable materials. Merino wool is great for its wicking properties which are great because sweat—if absorbed by your clothes—can make you feel colder. This Cozy Merino Toque by Kit and Ace is great because of its natural thermoregulating and odour-control capabilities. If you are looking for something thinner, the ARC’TERYX toque is lightweight and breathable. If you want something more affordable and comes in many colourways, then check out Tilley’s Merino Toque

Neck Warmers

Just like toques, neck warmers are essential. If anything, it is also the more practical sister of the beloved loop scarves. It is usually light which means it will never overwhelm your purse and getting it in a neutral colour will guarantee that it will go well with any outfit. Frank And Oak’s neck warmer in antique white is the perfect candidate, while Uniqlo’s Heattech Neck Gaiter is the ideal 2-in-1 neck accessory of the season.

Balaclava or Ski Masks

Must-Have Ski Apparel To Add To Your Wardrobe

Photo Credit: Moma Design Store

Balaclavas are making a lot of noise in the trendy fashion scene lately, and it’s easy to see why. Balaclavas are not only comfortable to wear but also add a cool edge to your wardrobe. Colour block balaclavas are even better when it comes to adding visual interest. This Verloop Balaclava Ski Mask and this one from Simon’s are a great start! 


Must-Have Ski Apparel To Add To Your Wardrobe

Photo Credit: J.Crew

Like I said earlier, it’s great to invest in pieces that serve more than a single purpose. Base layers can be a great addition to your winter wardrobe because it never hurts to keep yourself warm. But mid-layers are just as essential—mainly because these are the ones that people can see. These pieces can be as basic as a hoodie but that’s okay because sometimes, comfort over style trumps the situation (the situation being the freezing weather). But because we love fashion here, style is never compromised. This Merino Wool hoodie from Aritzia is both great for lounging and winter sports activity and this high-neck sweater from Massimo Dutti will make a chic Apres-Ski look. 

For men, J.Crew makes a rugged merino wool crewneck that looks great on any occasion. 

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