How to look fashionable on your next ski trip.

How To Look Cooler on Your Next Ski Trip

The only reason I’m excited about snow is because of winter activities. The ski lodge getaways, hot cocoa, skiing or snowboarding down the slopes, and of course, the outfits. Skiing outfits, I have to say, are the hardest ones to nail. It’s so easy to look like the Michelin man or a bigger version of a bundled-up toddler, plus it’s also hard to move in thick layers. If I’m being honest, I have not completely mastered the art of winter sports dressing but I am learning and today, I will share with you what I learned so we can all look cute on our next ski trip!

The Basic Layers

After tedious research on how to be warm and fashionable on a snowy mountain, the constant answer it seems like, is to invest in warm base layers. The warmer you are at your core, the better and it’s also important to be able to wick out moisture (read: sweat) from your base layers. If you went skiing before, you know how easy it is to sweat even under the coldest conditions, so base layers that are made of wool or other synthetic materials like polyester and nylon are a great option. As for the fit, wear something close-fitting to trap body heat and it will also allow you to layer clothes without looking too bulky. Uniqlo’s HEATTECH collection is a great affordable option. 

Mid-layers are clothes you wear in between your base and outer layer. You can pretty much wear anything that can add warmth throughout your day. You can wear a fleece pullover like this one from Billabong or a light down jacket like this one from Babaton (it comes in so many colours!) 

Snow Jackets and Pants

How To Look Cooler on Your Next Ski Trip

Photo Credit: Sweaty Betty

This is where the cool stuff comes in. Once you’re all warm and cozy with your inner layers, it’s time to level it up with the outer shell. The trick is to wear something that can visually stand out on its own. Lucky for us, ski and snowboard jackets never lacked in cool designs. Puffer jackets are a cute option–not only is it warm but there are also so many colourways to choose from these days. Personally, bright and bold colours are the way to go when it comes to jackets. There’s just something so cool about going down the slopes in a bold yellow puffer (just take a look at Kendall Jenner). And if you’re concerned about looking too bulky, then may I suggest a belted jacket? It will show your figure without compromising warmth. =

Some cool jackets I found on the net:

For snow pants, there’s nothing wrong with opting for a simple black one as long as it fits well. But if you want to go above and beyond to stunt on the other skiers, then, by all means, be my guest! Sportswear brand, Roxy has a great selection of fashionable winter outerwear. Their Summit Snow Pants are form-fitting bib snow pants that come in an adorable pink colourway. Mackage’s Corina Pants are also form-fitting but with removable suspenders. The white one will look so cool paired with a colourful jacket.

Winter Accessories

How To Look Cooler on Your Next Ski Trip

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Accessories like helmets and goggles are not only for safety, but they’re also another way to look cool on the slopes. I really like these Anon helmets that come in cute matte colours. This Smith helmet comes in black, white, blue and green and it’s also on sale! Smith also has a great selection of goggles that come in many colourways. These Vogue Goggles are currently on sale. If you want to splurge, Oakley makes amazing glasses and their Fall Line XM Prizm is worth every penny. 

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