In her new book, Paris: The Memoir, Paris Hilton walks readers through every stage of her life, from her most memorable parties and favourite fashion moments to her leaked sex tape and her IVF odyssey.


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As Hilton, 42, discusses living with ADHD and PTSD as a result of the abuse she experienced in boarding school, audiences can anticipate cameos from her famous family and friends as well as tales of her former boyfriends. There will also be plenty of praise for her husband Carter Reum.

For the major revelations from her just-released memoir, keep reading.

Romantically involved with a teacher

In middle school, Paris recalls, all of her friends had a thing for a “handsome young teacher” with a “very Abercrombie” appearance. Yet Paris claims that Mr. Abercrombie confessed to having a crush on her. Paris did not comply with his request for her phone number despite his warnings not to tell anyone.

“Mr. Abercrombie called me almost every night, and we talked for hours about how amazingly mature, beautiful, and intelligent I was, how sensual, misunderstood, and special,” she writes. “He reminded me that Princess Diana was thirteen years younger than Prince Charles. And Priscilla Presley was my age when Elvis fell in love with her.”

When her parents were not home one night, the teacher came over to the Hilton house and Paris got into his car. “Teacher pulled me into his arms and kissed me,” she writes.

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Getting raped

One morning in high school, Paris and a female friend went to the mall where they met two 20-something men who asked the girls to return to one of their apartments. The Simple Life star drank what one of the boys called a “wild berry wine cooler” out of reluctance, and then she passed out.

“I became aware of a crushing weight on me. Suffocating me. Cracking my ribs,” she writes. “I felt a jolt of panic and tried to get up, but the impulse was lost, as if something had severed my spinal cord. When I tried to scream, there was no air in my lungs. All that came out was a small, raspy ‘stop . . . what’s happening . . . stop . . .’ until this guy clamped his hand over my mouth — like, aggressively — like, hard. He clamped down on my face and whispered: ‘It’s a dream. It’s a dream. You’re dreaming.'”

Has five cell phones

“My phone is like my jet pack,” Paris writes. “I have five dedicated phones, separate numbers for work, personal, Europe, prank calling, and one more with a number I give out if people ask me for my number but I don’t feel totally comfortable giving my real real number and I don’t want to be mean, because I’m a pathological people pleaser. Even Carter can’t get me to part with more than two of these phones, and believe me, he has tried.”

Had an abortion 

Paris Hilton reveals she fell pregnant with model Jason Shaw before having abortion aged 22 | Daily Mail Online

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Paris discovered she was pregnant while dating model Shaw in the early days of The Simple Life. “When I realized I was pregnant, it was like waking up on the ledge outside a fortieth-floor window,” she writes. “I was terrified and heartsick. The hormones sent my ADHD symptoms spiraling.”

Paris made the decision to have an abortion and believes “we did the right thing.”

Turned down a contract with Playboy

Paris was shocked to see herself on the Playboy Sex Star of the Year 2005 cover after previously turning down Hugh Hefner’s requests to feature in the magazine.

“As I got more famous, Hef really wanted me to do a Playboy cover,” Paris writes. “He kept offering me more and more money, saying I wouldn’t have to be totally naked, just topless. And then saying, I didn’t have to be topless, just sheer. And then saying I could wear whatever lingerie I wanted. Even when he offered seven figures, I turned it down, because I knew my mom would lose her mind, and because I had already been branded as a slut after the sex tape.”

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