Paul Mescal Park Rumour Explained

There is a rumour circulating on Twitter that Paul Mescal takes his casual hookups for walks to the park and then leaves them there. It is unclear where the original rumour started from but people are running with it on Twitter now.

Does Paul Mescal Leave His Dates In The Park After Hook Up

It appears that multiple women have allegedly tweeted about this happening and that is why the rumour has taken on a life of its own. Along with that rumour, people are also alleging that Paul mescal has a drinking problem, and constantly begs women he meets at bars for threesomes. One post on Twitter said that Paul Mescal, “runs away from his one night stands and leaves them alone in the park.” A user on Reddit said that Paul allegedly frequents “Hawley Arms in Camden, North London”, which is where some of these one night stands come from.

Paul Mescal park rumour

Paul Mescal Rumour Twitter

Paul Mescal has yet to comment on any of these rumours and chances are he won’t be addressing leaving his one night stands in the park anytime soon. Many of his fans are now joking on Twitter that they want him to leave them at the park too. Another tweet said, “I have so many questions about the Paul Mescal rumours. How does he run away from these women? Does he just start legging it as soon as they’re near some trees? Does he start walking away faster and faster and hope they didn’t notice? Does he take them all to the same park?” As of now this is just a rumour and no one has captured video footage of Paul’s alleged behaviour. Though we imagine that would be viral material if someone ever did capture this alleged bizarre behaviour.

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