Depending on what you eat, your whole day can be thrown off balance. A perfect day starts with a perfect breakfast, and here you will learn what exactly you need to give you that amazing start.

There are a lot of foods that we consider breakfast but are actually horrible for us. These brands often get away with it by being full of fiber or gluten-free when the actual substance is just a bunch of carbs and sugar. While these labels are healthy the actual food isn’t and it’s important to know what you’re eating and how it impacts you.

No To Low Carbs

The first thing to try to omit from your morning meal is carbs. Carbs are a fast-burning substance that will leave you drained shortly after having them, meaning you will need another meal just a few hours into the day. In the morning your body is raring to get started and carbs will stump it for the rest of the day by spiking glucose levels drastically. While carbs can be nice to have, it’s best to have long breaks between each time you have carbs and it’s best to save carbs for the evening, where your body has a longer time to process the food at a slower rate. There are actually studies suggesting eating carbs before bed will help with sleeping and melatonin production, which isn’t something you want in the morning.

No To Low Sugar

Ever heard of a sugar crash? Well, it’s best to not have this shortly after waking up with an entire day ahead of you. Sugar is like carbs but worse in the sense it will have a more drastic impact on the rest of your day if you have it for breakfast. While sugar can be a great way to get another hour of work done late in the day, it is a horrible way to start your day.

High Protein

Eggs and bacon, the most iconic breakfast duo only rivaled by its sugar-carb counterpart cereal. Eggs and bacon are a great source of protein and have been a staple breakfast meal because of their high protein and fat content. Protein is great to have in the morning and it’s been shown to benefit muscle health, support weight loss, increase muscle mass, energy expenditure (calories burned), satiety hormones, and glucose regulation. Protein is easily one of the best things to start your day off!

High Fat

Last on our list is a high-fat meal. Having fat in the morning will boost your metabolism which actually helps you with fat loss. After a long night’s rest, your body will switch from burning carbs to burning fat in the morning and it’s best to keep that going by supplying it with fat to burn which studies show helps burn fat at a higher rate for a 24-hour period.

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