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In a new era of Insta-worthy restaurants, LOV enters the scene in spectacular fashion! This Montreal favorite is now open in Toronto with its first-ever location featuring plant-based foods. LOV unveils its French garden-inspired venue with a relaxing and serene environment for fine dining. The tall ceilings and boho-chic décor alone is worth the trip, and I haven’t even told you about the food yet.

Photo Gallery by Francis ShirzadiLOV toronto restaurant


From signature cocktails, bacon alternatives, to plant-based cheesecake. LOV, which stands for Local, Organic, Vegan, is now open at King Portland Centre. 100% Plant-based means you can enjoy a lasagna, or even a burger, without having to worry about the health concerns. So, indulge yourself without the guilt associated with the consumption of animal-based products.

For food, I tried the Italian Arancini which are panko-breaded rice balls, paired with a rich red and yellow pepper sauce. Next up was the melt in your mouth Gnocchi di casa pasta.

LOV restaurant

Arancini- Roasted cauliflower, arborio rice, vegan cheddar, fennel, harissa sauce

Italian Gnocchi

Gnocchi Di Casa – Buckwheat sweet potato gnocchi in a hemp basil pesto topped with arugula and parmesan

The Secret is LOV

The incredible and knowledgable staff is here for you! They will guide you through the whole experience. Also, when you look at the menu, keep an eye out for their signature dishes with the name LOV in it. And, for my gluten-free peeps not to worry, there will be a leaf-emblem marking your territory!

Finally, do yourself a favor and get the dumplings, because they’re as delicious as they sound. It’s paired with their kimchi almond butter sauce. So it has a spicy, nutty flavor with the perfect zing of ginger.

Deep Fried Dumplings

Dumplings- Mushroom and vegetable dumpling, almond butter kimchi sauce

Vegan Caesar Salad

Super Kale Caesar – Kale, romaine, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, croutons, parmesan, tempeh bacon in a Caesar dressing


LOV stays true to its French roots of “Fait Maison,” meaning all the ingredients are freshly prepared and made from scratch. For instance, chefs come hours before opening each morning to uphold the integrity of each dish, to serve you art on a plate. LOV is more than a restaurant, it’s also a place where you can relax, and a place to do some work. It offers a lifestyle and knows exactly who its customers are. So, if you care about the highest quality ingredients, beautifully crafted mouth-watering dishes, then you know where you need to be on your next day or night out on the town!

Chefs Preparing Food

Save Room for More

LOV’s blue lavender latte potion tastes like Christmas in a mug.

Vegan Latte

Blue Lavender Latte: Pitaya Rose, butterfly pea, nutmeg, cinnamon

Finally, end on a sweet note with their devilishly good, gooey vegan desserts.

Vegan Chocolate Butter Tart

Bon Appetit TO!

So, Say hello to a new age of sustainable fine-dining that puts good things in your body, tastes incredible, and has a design worthy atmosphere. There is plenty of sunlight with touches of color and exquisite finishes. Moreover, now you can “LOV” yourself on the weekends with their exciting new brunch menu! For Kombucha lovers, LOV put free-flowing lemongrass lime and ginger turmeric drinks on tap just for you. My personal favorite is the refreshing mocktails and cocktails, that are smooth and are a treat for the eyes!

LOV Toronto

Pictured Left: Wood Mocktail                         Pictured Right: Look of LOV Cocktail

Cheers Toronto!



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