A relaxing break or adventure is needed every now and then, and people often forget that these breaks and adventures can happen right where they are! Whether planned or spontaneous staycations offer a load of activities that will provide the escape you need.

The biggest advantage a staycation has over a normal vacation is the ease of planning and the possibility to be completely spontaneous. Truly spontaneous staycations can be more fun than any vacation ever could. So let’s find out what are some of the best ways to make the most of a staycation.

Road Trip

The pinnacle of a staycation, road trips allow you to remain in a familiar environment while exploring brand new areas. These trips can be as long and as short as you want and the best part about them is that in order to enjoy your road trip you really don’t need anything more than your phone, wallet, and keys! The trips can offer the perfect balance between relaxation and adventure. This is because driving can be a very relaxing activity and jamming to your favourite tunes can give you the relaxation you need, while also offering the constant change in environment with new views passing by every second. One of the amazing aspects of road trips is that it allows you to travel to destinations that you wouldn’t normally travel to, meaning more locations become open for exploration for you to visit. So there are two ways you can handle a road trip, spontaneous and planned – both have the pros and cons and can be a wild adventure along the way as you will always have a certain degree of spontaneity through your day-to-day actions.

Do Touristy Things

Despite living in a certain place, it’s actually pretty common to have never done any of the touristy things. This can be a really thrilling experience as you get to enjoy what makes the place you live in so great and can drastically change your feelings towards your home location. Doing the touristy things around you every now and then is one of the best ways to spend a staycation. These touristy things include the aquarium, zoo, museums, art galleries, boat rides, amusement parks, or notable locations like the CN Tower in Toronto.


Last on our list for the best activities during a staycation is camping. Camping is a wonderful experience if done right, and for some with their comfort level, this can also mean glamping. The key idea here is spending time outside enjoying beautiful views while breathing fresh air. The list of activities is endless as long as you’re creative. A great way to spend a camping trip is with friends as it increases the number of activities to share. Though a great part about camping is the fact you can do it alone and truly enjoy isolation in nature. Either way, camping is a marvellous way to spend a staycation, the only downside is that it does require some planning. Though it is a sure-fire way to enjoy adventure and relaxation during your staycation.