Brian Cox will host the “007: Road To A Million” show.

For years, we have seen several Bond movies, but for the first time, we will be seeing a James Bond-inspired adventure reality show. The first trailer of this new competition show is released on October 5, also known as the James Bond Day. On this day in 1962, the first Bond movie, Dr. No, premiered worldwide.


The adventurous show will feature nine pairs fighting for the ultimate price of £1 million prize. However, to win that prize, teams have to complete some challenging missions around the world. The teaser shows locations like the Scottish Highlands, the Atacama Desert in Chile, Venice and the Swiss Alps.

Moreover, the pairs have to answer questions from the controller, Brian Cox, who is the mastermind of this game. For every correct answer, each team will receive some cash and a wrong answer to put an end to their adventure.


The show is a collaboration between Amazon Studios, EON Productions, 72 Films and MGM Television. It is produced by Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, who are an integral part of the team behind the Bond franchise films. It will launch on November 10 on Amazon Prime Video. Watch the teaser below.

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