Life is a gift! It’s a blessing beyond imagination. I’m learning this again first-hand as a pregnant mom to be in her second trimester. Greetings ladies – my name is Emily Smith, and this is my uplifting story. I’ve always wanted to be a mom, and this is number two for me. 

Pregnancy is harsh on your body. I’ll be honest with you, hormones, cravings, ballooning size, and all sorts of emotional ups and downs make it challenging to feel good about yourself. I’m no different to any of you, and I’m sure you also go through all sorts of mixed emotions. 

Stop. Don’t go there. You are beautiful. You are amazing. You are a mom in the wings – an angel about to bring a new life into this world. Not to minimize anything about how you are currently feeling, but it’s important to take stock of these blessings and realities. 

This is how I felt going into my second pregnancy – bloated, insecure, unattractive, tired, and depressed. Not a good combination of feelings, I tell you. Truthfully, it’s just a state of mind because there are things you can do – just like I did – to pick up your spirits.

First things first. Look in the mirror and say I am beautiful. Good! Now say it again with meaning. Belief is the single most powerful driving force on the planet. What you say has real implications for how you behave, and what happens in your life. That much I can tell you with complete confidence. 

Now, there are also other things – I like to call them accouterments. You may call them haute couture, as you see fit. I’m talking about my maternity shapewear that snugly fits my body, and enhances my natural beauty. This is a revelation for pregnant ladies and it’s well within the budget. 

Maternity and nursing waistbands, hosiery, leggings, and the like are expertly crafted to help your body throughout the nine months of pregnancy. As I said, I’m in my second trimester and showing. But there are also other maternity and nursing shapewear garments such as bras designed to assist your nursing requirements as the ultimate body shapers. 

You’ll be so amazed at how effectively this classic shapewear restores your body to its pre-baby form. It’s like a shape enhancer, a snugly-fitting, curve supporting, uplifting garment that is virtually invisible under clothing, yet dramatically effective. So, I wear these all the time, and they’re affordably priced so that you can buy the right size as you grow through three trimesters.

Enhanced appearance and self-confidence

Even before I was pregnant, I was slightly critical of my appearance. I was a little heavy on my hips, with a bit of a tummy. But, shapewear completely transformed my self-image. I no longer feel out of place among beautiful ladies – they seem to be everywhere when your confidence is low. 

My state of mind improved because I know that I present the best version of myself to the public, and I feel good inside too. Now that I’m pregnant, I carry that self-assuredness with me, thanks to the maternity shapewear secret to self-confidence. Who would have thought that such a simple solution could bring about such transformative change within?

I have learned many valuable lessons in life. One of the best lessons I can share with you is this: self-confidence is contagious. When you feel great about yourself, confident about your body – however it looks – you will achieve well beyond your expectations. You will draw people in like magnets, you will exude positive energy, and you will wake up invigorated every single day. 

And sometimes, all it takes is a small change to make a difference. For me, it was the combination of positive affirmations coupled with shapewear. I think the rest speaks for itself. If you’re pregnant, enjoy this special time in your life, ladies. And don’t forget to wear clothes that hug the curves!

Published by HOLR Magazine.