Quartz is a stone chosen by lovers of feminine and delicate images. It has a light color palette, which makes quartz jewelry look romantic and discreet. One of the most trendy items with this mineral is a pendant. Today we will tell you what features such accessories have and how to choose them.


Quartz is an oxide of silicon that is rarely found in its pure form. In most cases, it contains impurities, which cause the color of the stone to change. Among its colors you can find pink, white, purple, blue, and yellow specimens. There may also be dark ones (brown and black).

The color of the stone is never too saturated; basically all minerals are translucent. They have a high hardness rating of 7 on the Mohs scale. This suggests that the pendants with them are shock-resistant. But this does not mean that they can be subjected to mechanical damage.


Among quartz pendants, the following models are more common:

  • natural raw and uncut quartz of different colors;
  • classic (neat and laconic);
  • vintage (have various metal patterns);
  • everyday (most often there are various unusual figures – stars, butterflies, flowers, etc.);
  • medallions (some of them open);
  • luxury (they are complemented with other precious stones).

Most often, pendants with quartz are framed in precious metals – gold or silver. But also among the bold design solutions you can find models in wood or leather. In addition to these materials, there are also more budget options made of copper, brass, etc.

A quartz pendant can be worn by absolutely all zodiac signs. But among his “favorites” two signs can be distinguished – Taurus and Libra. 


To choose a high-quality quartz pendant, pay attention to some nuances.

  1. Product cost. You should always remember that the price of real quartz cannot be budget-friendly, since it is a precious stone. Transparent specimens are the most expensive.
  2. Color. The decoration should have a uniform color, this will indicate its natural origin.
  3. Presence of damage. If the accessory has cracks or chips, then you should refuse the purchase. Otherwise, the product will quickly become unusable, despite its high hardness ratings.
  4. Type of metal. This nuance should be taken into account so that the decoration blends harmoniously with your appearance. Owners of the “autumn” and “winter” color types should preferably choose yellow gold. “Spring” and “summer” girls can choose any metal.

In order not to make a mistake and choose a quality product, purchase something new in trusted jewelry stores. This approach will allow you to avoid fakes.


The great advantage of quartz is that it can fit into almost any look thanks to the variety of colors. A pendant with it can be worn with a T-shirt, blouse, dress, sweater, etc. If the stone belongs to a cold color palette, then the shades of the outfit should be chosen accordingly. The same can be said about warm tones.

The quartz pendant is suitable even for children. It is advisable for girls to choose delicate shades (pink, blue, white). Dark tones will look inappropriate on a child, “heaviening” the child’s image.

Pink mineral is suitable not only for everyday wear, but also for wedding dresses. It looks harmonious with white material, especially in combination with other transparent gems.

So, a quartz pendant is an accessory that lovers of gentle and romantic looks should have in their arsenal. Such a pendant will not only decorate your neck, but will also win your heart with its magical properties. Astrologers are sure that such a thing brings good luck and protects against deception.

Published by HOLR Magazine.

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