For centuries, these mysterious rocks have captivated the attention of many, including artists, writers, healers, and religious leaders, many of whom believed the crystals contained a certain concentration of the earth’s energy.


Crystals are mineral materials that have accrued geological mythology. It seems though for as long as there have been people on this earth, people have been projecting their hopes and fears onto glassy, colourful stones. Crystals, in all their wild forms — black obsidian, creamy-pink rose quartz, jagged cubes of periwinkle amethyst — have never stopped inspiring people’s imagination. In the past few decades “self-care” and “wellness” have become the biggest craze with crystals gaining a surge in popularity. In an age when people are burnt out, crystals seem to promise wisdom from the core of the earth. Another bonus is that crystals are pretty.

Many psychologists believe that crystals and crystal healing are attributed to the placebo effect. Having belief in something might help you overcome an illness or ailment – whether that belief is in crystal, herbal supplements, or experimental medical treatment – these all may achieve healing even if there is not an active ingredient involved that is doing so.

For example, people who wear a necklace with tourmaline stones that help decrease anxiety might feel a sense of peace while wearing the necklace. This would not necessarily be the stone itself but because they believe in what the stone means.

Like rosary beads, crystals can help cultivate personal and spiritual development. During a time where we are all burned out by digital distractions, work, and the heartache occurring in the world, having something that you can physically hold can help you focus when you are trying to meditate and relax.

Another great thing that has come with the most recent crystal movement, is the sense of community that has come with it. During a time where we have had to distance ourselves from others, it is nice to feel that sense of comfort and community. People’s fears, anxiety and depression have been through the roof. The pandemic has forced people to reinvent themselves as well, as they have done so they are changing what provides them solace.

Published by HOLR Magazine.