Plenty of people deal in real estate; and as knowledgeable intermediaries in this process, real estate agents are very important for the successful conclusion of any such transaction. Naturally, even the smallest piece of real estate representing a valuable property – people pick their real estate agents carefully. That’s why we’re going to explore what real estate agent values clients want to see in their realtors!

Proper Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Any real estate agent worth their salt is aware of one crucial thing – it’s not about the property, it’s about the client. In other words, building a strong client base that will form the core of your referrals is crucial. And in order to do that, you need to keep pushing two things: doing a good job for any clients you get and having a concentrated marketing effort. After all, if you don’t show people that you’ve got the right skills and values, you might as well not have them at all. 

In order to do all of this successfully, you have to remember that the things people expect from their real estate agents vary based on whether we’re talking about sellers or buyers. With that in mind, we’ll explore the ways in which people approach the selection of real estate agents and how one can reach that vendor invoice.

Buyer Requirements For Agents

Obviously, you can’t lump all the buyers on the various markets out there into a single bunch. After all, people who invest in real estate have wildly varying experience levels, as well as requirements. For example, first-time-buyers will likely require quite a bit of hand-holding from their real estate agents. 

On the other hand, serious investors will ask you for a lot of detailed data on the property. But if there’s something in common for all of them – it’s the fact that they need transactional assistance, help with interpreting different documents, and useful advice while they make decisions. 

Different Markets

If we’re talking about a resort or vacation home market, your average buyer will require quite a lot of support as well. Most of such homes are found in seaside, mountain, or otherwise rural areas. And some of them have an extremely strict and precise building, developmental and environmental codes. Buyers who don’t live in the area (and most don’t) will need a real estate agent who’s able to provide knowledgeable representation; they wouldn’t want to purchase a piece of property that has issues which will pop up down the line. 

Generally, if you start representing buyers in any specialized property market or type, they will require you to have more specific expertise and knowledge about local markets than the average residential home buyer. And even when it comes down to something as superficially simple as a condominium; there are plenty of financial particulars and condo regulations to think about. A buyer that hasn’t got experience with condominiums will have a lot to gain from explanations on the assessment of condo association fees, for example. 

Conversely, investor buyers tend to have quite a lot of market knowledge beforehand. The values they’re looking for in their real estate agents include an aggressive and proactive approach; one that will help them find the best investment deals, coupled with the negotiating skill required to land the best possible prices. A good eye for details in such situations is something such buyers really appreciate. 

Sellers and Real Estate Agents

If we were to provide the simplest possible outline for the relations between real estate agents and sellers in today’s market; it would be the fact that they’re keen on selling their home for the highest possible price in the smallest time span they can. Naturally, sellers are far less reliant on agents in such a process than buyers are; what they want is good marketing for their property, namely. But in this regard, the Internet has lessened the role of real estate agents quite a lot.

However, marketing is still the area where sellers expect a real estate agent to shine the most. Firstly, the agent is expected to take fantastic photos of the property; if need be, even by hiring a professional to do it right. After all, when it comes to selling a property, the pictures are at most times the very first impression potential buyers get. 

Speaking of the first impression – a good real estate agent needs to be able to provide a lot of marketing value to a property seller. And that means going above and beyond; certainly more than just using the multiple listing service. In an ideal scenario, a real estate agent should operate using their own website, showcasing all of the properties they represent and drawing a lot of traffic. Apart from that, they should also make use of social media – it’s almost 2020, after all. Instagram, Facebook, even Pinterest – all of them represent essential marketing tools for everything including property marketing. 

Values All Clients Appreciate

While we’ve gone over all of the specific things people expect from their real estate agents, depending on whether they’re buyers or sellers – there are also values that everyone who does business appreciates. For example:

  •     Integrity and honesty
  •     Knowledge about the transactional process
  •     Fast responsiveness
  •     Local market knowledge
  •     Proper communication skills
  •     Being adept at marketing and negotiation


As you can see, the things people want in their real estate agents can be broken down into two basic categories; professional skills and moral values. When it comes to the latter, we’re talking about basic bonafide ways of doing business; being an honest broker and fully transparent regarding your dealings.  

And when we talk about professional skills – clients want their real estate agents to have both a detail-oriented and top-down perspective. On one hand, you need to be able to provide your clients with knowledge about the intricacies of the transactional process. And on the other, you should also be well-versed in the particularities of the local real estate market as well as down-to-earth but highly sensitive things like flooded basements, pest infestations in tenanted properties, possible disputes with the neighbourhood, and more. Not only know how to spot all these, but also how to resolve them quickly and discreetly.

A combination of these kinds of qualities is certain to lead you to success!