On September 11th, 2001, the world witnessed tragedy as over 3000 lives were lost due to a terrorist attack on New York’s Twin Towers. 

At around 8:46 am two planes flying into New York were hijacked, and crashed into both the North and South towers of the World Trade Center. Two other planes were a part of those hijackings, one hit the Pentagon, the other landed in a field in Pennsylvania.

From the information gathered over the last 20 years, it is assumed that all 4 planes were hijacked to hit United States government buildings that would cause mass casualties and mass destruction. Both of those things did in fact happen. To date, it is known that around 3000 people have lost their lives due to the incidents of 9/11, whether they were on the planes, in the buildings, or were first responders who were on the scene.

A report like the attacks on the World Trade Centers caused the rest of the world to be scared and heartbroken.  Canada being neighbours and good friends to America wondered for years after if an attack would happen to them.

Canada has a major part in the history of 9/11. Not only has it been discovered that 24 Canadians lost their lives on 9/11, but Canada also helped out. During the reroute of many to all aircraft, New Foundland became the meeting point.


As planes became grounded, 38 commercial aircraft and four military aircraft were ordered to land in Gander, a town in New Foundland that was built around the airport, a place to land before your big flight to another country.

That day, Gander welcomed over 7000 people, strangers from all around the world, coming together in fear, and hope for the tragedy that happened in New York and around the United States.

To this day, Gander has become a traveller’s destination, to showcase where 7000 strangers became friends, and heartfelt stories were told. The play/musical Come From Away is about the few days in Gander, from the moment the Towers were hit, until the day the airspace opened up again, and everything that the locals in Gander did to help out these strangers.

After 20 years, the tragedy of 9/11 does not get easier. The 3000 lives lost will never be forgotten, and as a world, we have learned to come together in times of need and learned to love one another a little better.

Article published by HOLR Magazine