Review: The Simba Green Organic ‘GO’ Hybrid Mattress

In the world of sleep technology, Simba has been a name synonymous with innovation and quality. The latest from their lineup, the Simba Green Organic ‘GO’ Hybrid Mattress, priced at $2,999, stands as a testament to their commitment to not just improving sleep quality but also ensuring environmental sustainability. This review dives into this mattress’s intricate design, technology, and offerings, along with a glimpse into other remarkable products by Simba.

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The Simba GO Hybrid Mattress: Where Technology Meets Nature

The Simba GO Hybrid Mattress is a marvel of modern sleep technology, designed with the conscious sleeper in mind. It’s a product that marries smart design with natural materials, resulting in a sleeping surface that’s not only comfortable but also environmentally friendly. Priced at $2,999, it represents Simba’s greenest innovation to date, boasting a six-layered construction that aims to halve the carbon emissions typically associated with traditional hybrid mattresses. After testing out a number of different mattresses over the years, this one certainly delivers, offering one of the most comfortable nights of sleep.

Key Features

  • Breathable, Certified Organic Cotton Cover with 3D Mesh Border: The top layer of the mattress features a hypoallergenic certified organic cotton cover, ensuring a soft, natural touch that promotes air circulation.
  • Natural Wool Layer: Just beneath the cover, a layer of natural wool regulates temperature, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Simbatex® Comfort Layer & Aerocoil® Spring-Comport Layers: These layers provide better airflow and personalized support, adjusting to your body’s movements for a seamless sleep experience.
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified Talalay Natural Latex: This layer adds a buoyant, responsive feel to the mattress, conforming to your body for unparalleled comfort.
  • 5 Zone SupportCore™ with 100% Recyclable Base Pocket Springs: Up to 5,000 Aerocoil springs and an additional 1,000 springs in 5 zones ensure personalized support and enhanced cooling, with zero motion transfer for an undisturbed sleep.

The mattress is a holistic solution for those looking to invest in their sleep quality without compromising on their environmental footprint. It ships in a box, making it convenient and sustainable from purchase to setup.

Beyond the Mattress: Simba’s Hybrid Duvet and Pillow

Simba’s innovation doesn’t stop at mattresses. Their Hybrid Duvet and Pillow complement the sleep experience, ensuring comfort from head to toe.

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Simba Hybrid Duvet – $259

The Simba Hybrid Duvet is a game-changer for those chilly nights. Featuring Stratos® temperature regulating technology, it adapts to your body’s heat, ensuring you remain at an optimal temperature throughout the night. Whether you’re someone who experiences night sweats or someone who tends to get cold, this duvet auto-adjusts, keeping you comfortable and cozy.

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Simba Hybrid Pillow – $169

Pair your Simba mattress and duvet with the Simba Hybrid Pillow for the ultimate sleep setup. With Stratos® technology for temperature regulation and adjustable height and firmness thanks to open-cell foam nanocubes, it caters to all sleeping positions and preferences. Its super soft and breathable cover only adds to the comfort, making it an essential for those seeking a perfect night’s sleep.

Published by HOLR Magazine.